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Rammstein release - 'Armee Der Tristen' Jayce Lewis Remix today!

(01/12/2022) Today, German Industrial act - Rammstein release their remix composition from Northstones very own - Jayce Lewis. His Dance/Electro/Industrial take on the song - 'Armee Der Tristen' has been completley reimagined and recreated right here, at Northstone Studios Today, it is released on all platforms.

Exploring Birdsong release - 'Ever The Optimist' today!

(24/11/2022) Today, Exploring Birdsong release the eagerly awaited new single 'Ever The Optimist' from their brand new album. The project was Recorded, produced and mixed by both: Jayce Lewis and Abraham Fihema here at Northstone Studios, a first for both producers to work in collaboration, and certainly not the last.

Rammstein's Christoph Schneider at Northstone Studios

Christoph Schneider,Rammstein, Zeit,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(29/6/2022) Today a visit from our friend - Christoph 'Doom' Schneider of German Industrialists - Rammstein here at Northstone Studios, trying out our drum room, discussing drums, studio equipment and Curry!

We welcome Welsh Tenor - Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(07/06/2022) We welcome Welsh Tenor - Mark Jenkins, launching his recording journey with us here, at Northstone!

We welcome back Rhian Evans to Northstone Studios

Reebz,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(14/5/2022) Alien/Dark Electro Artist - Rhian Evans (Rhilentlessenergy) is back! Recording her vocals for the brand new album at Northstone Studios!

Paul Chanter (Other) final vocal touches

Karmen Field,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(05/03/2022) For the next 2 weeks we welcome Paul Chanter as he returns to record his final vocal parts completing his project 'Other' 6 track mini album

We welcome back Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence

Lucas Woodland,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios, Holding Absence

(26/02/2022)We welcome the return of our friend, Lucas Woodland from the mighty Holding Absence, back at Northstone Studios recording some of his immense, powerful signature vocals.

Karmen Field album near completion!

Karmen Field,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(13/02/2022) Karmen Field's debut album is near its completion, returning this week (for 2 weeks) recording all bass and vocals in preperation for mixing. Stay tuned!

FL Studio and Northstone Studios Team up releasing Drumslice - FLEX!

(27/01/2022) Today, FL Studio and Northstone Studios release the - Jayce Lewis Drum Pack contained within their new pluggin FLEX! The Pack contains a mix fader ability, enabling the producer/songwritter to add as much or as little, overhead and/or rooms as possible to your drum mix.

We welcome Rhian Evans to Northstone Studios

Reebz,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(13/12/2021) Alien/Dark Electro Artist - Rhian Evans (Rhilentlessenergy) has begun recording her brand new mini album at Northstone Studios, a talented composer and delighted to begin production on her exciting debut offering!

Karmen Field return to Northstone Studios

Karmen Field,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(25/11/2021) Karmen Field have returned to Northstone Studios, recording their full length debut album, the 5 piece have begun the process using our in house TAMA Starclassic Drum Kit!

We welcome back Acid Reign guitarist: Paul Chanter with his side project - OTHER!

Exploring Birdsong,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(27/10/2021) Paul Chanter of Acid Reign has finally arrived at Northstone Studios to begin drum recording on his project - Other! the beginings of his 6 track Mini album.

Firestone Winners - The Lutras, record at Northstone Studios

Exploring Birdsong,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(19/08/2021) Hailing all the way from Dumfries - Scotland, Firestone Competition winners - The Lutras, recorded 2 singles here at Northstone Studios. Pop/rock at its finest!

Neil Cooper of Punk/Rock act - Therapy? Returns!

Exploring Birdsong,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(12/08/2021) Northstone Studios were excited to welcome back Therapy? stickman - Neil Cooper, recording drums here for two days.

Northstone Studios welcomes the mighty - Exploring Birdsong

Exploring Birdsong,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(31/05/2021) Northstone Studios were delighted to welcome Bradfords answer to 'Technical Electronic Rock/Pop Funk' - Exploring Birdsong. A collaboration first at Northstone between- Jayce Lewis and Abraham Fihema, whom both recorded, produced and mixed the band for their brand new mini album!

Ascension of the Watchers release their first remix single - 'My Only Son'

(14/05/2021) Ascension of the Watchers release their brand new single - 'My Only Son' today, the beginings of their new remix album campaign for the 10 track album: 'Translations' released on Dissonance/Cherry Red Records. The single was remixed, produced and mixed by Jayce Lewis right here, at Northstone Studios.

Ascension of the Watchers,Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell, John Bechdel, Northstone Studios

Northmaan releases their 2nd new single - 'Persevere'

(18/03/2021) Solo artist Northmaan, has released the brand new second single titled 'Persevere' from the exciting new debut mini album. Released globally from our Devfire Entertainment Ltd label platform, all recorded, produced and mixed right here.... at Northstone Studios.

OldHead Podcast, Reviews - Northmaan/Acid Reign,AoTW

Highly respected, and highly subscribed. The OLDMAN Podcast (Steven) has reviewed the new, upcoming debut album from Northmaan. a regular patron of all things Northstone Studios and its producers, the generous words from this podcast are forever ongoing, with 3 albums now reviewed and many more, we are sure! Check out what he has to say.

Northmaan releases brand new single - 'Torture First'

(25/01/2021) Metal/Alt/Doom solo artist Northmaan, has today released the brand new single titled 'Torture First' from his debut mini album. Released globally from our Devfire Entertainment Ltd label platform, the whole album was Recorded, Produced and Mixed here, at Northstone Studios.

Revolver Magazine USA Premier Ascension of The Watchers Mini-doc

(23/11/2020) Northstone Studios was featured heavily within the new Mini-documentary covering the making of 'Apocrypha' by Ascension of The Watchers, Revolver Magazine USA Premiered the new documentary

Click here to read more:

Fire Fences release their brand new single - Pay Day!

(23/10/2020) Welsh pop/rock outfit - Fire Fences release their brand new single - Pay Day today! All recorded, Produced and Mixed here at Northstone Studios.

Ascension of The Watchers release second single!

(03/10/2020) Ex - Fear Factory front man - Burton C. Bell, released the second single offering from his Ascension of The Watchers album yesterday (2/10/2020) titled 'The End is Always The Beginning', the trio continue with the album campaign leading to their release of the 'Apocrypha' album on October 9th 2020! All recorded, Produced and Mixed at Northstone Studios.

Ascension of The Watchers release Ghost Heart

(28/8/2020) Ascension of The Watchers just dropped their first single from the 'Apocrypha' album, titled - Ghost Heart, the trio made up of Fear Factory frontman - Burton C Bell, Ministry Keyboard player - John Bechdel and Northstone Studios very own - Jayce Lewis, the album will be released 9th October 2020. All of which was recorded, produced and mixed right here.... at Northstone Studios.

FL Studio team up with Northstone Studios - Jayce Lewis Studio Drumpack!

(06/8/2020) Today everyone here at Northstone Studios is excited to announce the release of the FL Studio/Jaycelewis Studio Drumpack! A multitrack 60 loop/beats bundle including an impressive Multi-Velocity FCP Midi/WAV oneshot Generator/VST

See the making of below

Therapy? Neil Cooper recording at Northstone

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios,Gary Numan, Cars, Our Friends Electric, Gary Webb

(21/07/20) Today we welcome our friend Mr Neil Cooper of Irish Rock legends - Therapy? to Northstone Studios.. here recording drums and getting mixed for his awesome remix projects at an approximate 2m distance.

Post Covid-19 lockdown, we are up running, tracking NORTHMAAN debut Mini Album

,Jayce Lewis, Northmaan, Drum Recording.

(5/06/2020)after 4 months of global lockdown, Northstone Studios is back up and running starting with drum tracking for the final two songs of the Northmaan project.

John Nicholas releases his brand new single - 'Let Go'

(24/4/2020) Welsh Soul/Pop artist - John Nicholas releases his new 'Funk/Pop' single 'Let Go' all recorded, engineered, produced and mixed here at Northstone Studios

Synthgirl I-Rena Releases: Aš degu

(09/2/2020) Lithuanian Pop/Electro extraordinaire Synthgirl I-rena releases her eagerly awaited new single 'Aš degu' proudly Produced and mixed here at Northstone Studios.

Acid Reign release new single - Ripped Apart

(07/2/2020) British Metal Thrash outfit: Acid Reign release the 3rd single in series from their critically acclaimed album "The Age Of Entitlement" all recorded, engineered, produced and mixed here at Northstone Studios

Karmen Field return to Northstone

,Jayce Lewis, Karmen Field, Drum Recording.

(25/01/2020) Today the mighty Joe, drummer for Cardiff Prog Rock outfit - Karmen Field, returns recording drums for their upcoming EP.

Eddy Thrower and Tama record at Northstone!

(18/12/2019) Eddy Thrower and Music Radar teamed up to film their 'Studio Session' using Tama and Zildjian! Eddy being a member of the band - Busted, did a playthrough of the song - 'Shipwrecked'. All recorded and produced here at Northstone Studios.

Rock giants - Queen feature Jayce Lewis

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios,Gary Numan, Cars, Our Friends Electric, Gary Webb

(12/12/19) This month, our very own Jayce Lewis had a two page, centre fold feature in Queen's official fanclub booklet discussing his experiance working with Queen and future plans with Brian and Roger.

Busted/Lower Than Atlantis - Eddy Thrower

,Jayce Lewis, Eddy Thrower, Busted, Lower Than Atlantis, Future Publishing

(28/11/19). Eddy Thrower of Pop group; Busted, and metal act Lower Than Atlantis recorded a full days drum tracking here at Northstone Studios with Tama Drums/Zildjian Cymbals, all filmed and interviewd by Future Publishing.

Gary Numan at Northstone Studios

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios,Gary Numan, Cars, Our Friends Electric, Gary Webb

(2/10/19) Today we welcome our good friend, Gary Numan to Northstone Studios.. here for the day to begin vocal recording on his upcoming new album, and previous album overdubs.

Our ongoing Pop/hiphop project 'Animé' continues....

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(23/9/19) Our CBBC and Disney star - Animé continues her ongoing songwritting and recording at Northstone Studios with her very first single almost complete, all things Rihanna and Katie Perry! stay tuned...

We welcome Immerse to Northstone Studios

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios, Immerse

(19/8/19) The very talented Harcore act - Immerse begin recording vocals for the next 4 days, here at Northstone Studios.

Northstone's Jayce Lewis recieves Aston 33 Certificate

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(22/7/19)Jayce recieved his Aston 33 certificate from Aston Microphones today.. Aston Microphones began with the conception of the Aston Origin, of which Jayce and 7 others become panel testers for, this quickly grew to a team of 33 and are now crowned the Aston 33. Aston Microphones are now dominating the industry with their affordable range of mics, and we are Northstone Studios are very proud of our association.

Karmen Field at Northstone

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(21/7/19)Cardiff's - Karmen Field begin drum recording at Northstone Studios.

Scotty Wilson of Corp66 begins recording debut EP

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(8/7/19)We welcome Scott Wilson of Corp66 starting his debut journey with us at Northstone Studios by recording his brand new EP.

Rammstein's Christoph Schneider & Jayce Lewis reunite

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(7/7/19)Northstone Studios owner Jayce Lewis and Christoph Schneider of the mighty - Rammstein arranged a long overdue catch up together lastnight at their show in Milton Keynes Stadium... also pictured is Jayce's father Charlie.

Ministry and Jayce gather

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(4/7/19) Ministry and Jayce Lewis gathered in Bristol lastnight, planning visits to Northstone Studios soon.

Richard Dawkins and Jayce reunite!

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

Prof Richard Dawkins and Northstone Studios owner - Jayce Lewis, reuinte in a album signing together, Prof Dawkins appeared on Jayce's track titled 'Exhale'. Recorded at the home of Dawkins, Exhale was produced and mixed at Northstone Studios.

Watch the video below

John Nicholas records brand new music

John Nicholas,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(27/05/19)Firestone competition winner - John Nicholas begins recording his two brand new songs with his band this week, 6 days of accoustic brilliance!

Jasmine Rose begins work on her single here at Northstone

Jasmine Rose,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(23/05/19)Today we welcome the very talented, Jasmine Rose and her theatrical, piano composition in the style of Lana Delray.

Cosmic Ninja release - Sympathy Single

(13/5/2019) Bristol Pop/Electro outfit relase the latest single - 'Sympathy'!. Proudly recorded, produced and mixed here at Northstone Studios.

June now available for booking

,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

For the past 3 months Northstone has been hard at work, mixing - Ascention of The Watchers, Acid Reign, Fire Fences, Carlos Collier, Steve Andrews and early pre-production/writting with Disney artist: Annie May, an unfortunate cancellation has happened, which means June is now open for any projects. please email or call Scott on the conctact page.

We welcome Carlos Collier to Northstone

Carlos Colier,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(26/03/19)This week we welcome the man, the myth the legend - Carlos Collier! A solo signer song writter bringing his Thrash, Hardcore metal to Northstone HQ

Holding Absence release 'Perish' Live in session at Northstone Studios

Holding Absence release their 'Live in Session' of Perish, recorded and filmed here at Northstone!

Holding Absence return to film and record a 'Live in session' at Northstone

Firestone,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(12/02/19) Radio 1 favourite, Holding Absence returns filming a 'Live in session' video at the studio.

We welcome back Burton C Bell, recording his brand new album

Firestone,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(12/01/19) We welcome back our good friend, Burton C Bell back for 6 weeks at Northstone Studios, recording his full length album 'Stormcrow'

NEW MUSIC!! Holding Absence release 'Like a Shadow'

Exciting new alternative stars - Holding Absence have just dropped their latest single 'Like a Shadow' recorded here at Northstone Studios, beautifully produced and mixed by George Lever and Northstone's Abraham Fihema.

NEW MUSIC!! Cosmic Ninja release 'We got up'recorded here at Northstone!

(29/11/18) Bristol's Pop/Electronic act; Cosmic Ninja release their epic second single/Video 'We got up'! Taking advice and inspiration from Northstone Owner Jayce Lewis's - 'Electric Medicine' and 'Shields' music videos! 'We got up' was proudly recorded, Produced and mixed here at Northstone Studios!

Northstone's Jayce lewis head Judge for Firestone Competition!

Firestone,Jayce Lewis, Northstone Studios

(28/11/18) This week, Jayce headed to London to be amongst a team of industry judges for the Firestone Battle of the Bands final, with the winning act recieving studio time here at Northstone Studios!

Digital Criminals release 'Just Jump'

(23/11/18) Northstone Clients - Digital Criminals release thier latest single 'Just Jump' from their latest EP! All drum recording done right here at the studio, EP produced and mixed by Digital Criminals.

Northstone Studios welcomes Holding Absence

Holding Absence, Northstone Studios

This week, South Wales's finest - Holding Absence record drums for their brand upcoming new album, Here's Ash (DRUMMER) holding up yet more drum heads destroyed by him in the session. Nice!

Professor Richard Dawkins & Jayce Lewis record spoken word

jayce Lewis, Riachard Dawkins, The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene, Athiest

The worlds most famous athiest and respected Bioligist - Professor Richard Dawkins, teamed up with Jayce at the Professors home to record a spoken word, on Jayce's newest album 'Million' (Part 2). Taking Northstone Studios on the road.

25 Children from Universal Academy of Arts at Northstone

jayce Lewis, Universal Academy of Arts

(17/8/18) A very different sort of recording day at Northstone Studios, recording the lovely children from Universal Academy of Arts.... All 25 of them!

Aplecore Thrashers record full length album at Northstone

jayce Lewis, FireStone

The month we welcome Thrash metallers - Acid Reign to Northstone Studios, who are recording their first full length album in 29 years.

FL Studio team up with Northstone for new product!

jayce Lewis, FireStone

FL Studio developers Paul and Arlo teamed up with Jayce Lewis this week to develop a brand new software pack that will be released on FL Studio in early 2019.

Firestone interview Jayce at Northstone Studios

jayce Lewis, FireStone

Firestone Europe attended the studio to interview battle of the bands winners: Fire Fences and our Jayce on how he records, produced and mixed their latest EP.

Steven Andrew returns recording his single about pollution

jayce Lewis, Steven Andrews

Our local legend (From Portugal) has returned to record his single - 'Where does all the plastic go...'

Rock/Electronic act Digital Criminals record at Northstone!

jayce Lewis, Digital Criminals

Pontypools answer to Rock/Electronica are here at Northstone Studios to record their drums for the latest EP offering. We welcome the band.. sadly, missing Emily Bates today! (Lead singer)

Scottish Industrialists Seraph Sin record with Jayce and Burton at Northstone

Fear Factory, Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell,

Last year we were exicted with the addition to our team of Fear Factory's - Burton C Bell, Scottish Metal/Industrial act Seraph Sin were quick to respond and book Northstone Studios for their upcoming releases. we welcome Seraph Sin and our newest member - Burton to 10 days of recording, Producing and Mixing!

Northstone's Produced and Mixed Fire Fences new single

local rock act - Fire Fences dropped their new single today 5/1/2018 titled; Again & Again, produced and mixed here at Northstone by Jayce Lewis. Good luck Lads!

Future Music Mag & Steinberg/Cubase film drum recording tutorial at Northstone Studios

We start the new year with a tutorial video from Future Music Magazine and Steinberg Media, filming Northstone Studios owner - Jayce Lewis discussing drum recording, using Cubase 9.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

We would like to wish all our customers and commercial partners a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Northstone Studios

A warm welcome to Bristol trio - COSMIC NINJA

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(25/11/2017) Bristols alternative answer to Dance/Electro Rock/Pop have come into record their 3 track EP here at Northstone Studio. HELLO !!

We welcome Fire Fences who begin recorded two new singles

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(20/8/2017) Local rock/Indie act - Fire Fences record two brand new singles today, at Northstone studios, Welcome boys!

Burton C Bell joins the Northstone Studios

Fear Factory, Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell,

Pioneering metal act; Fear Factory have been creating global domination and dynamics in sound for years, now we are delighted to announce that Burton C Bell, front man of Fear Factory now joins Northstone Studios as a Producer! being part of the creative team here at Northstone, so for all you metal/Industrial acts that want a touch of genius - Burton C Bell is here to help that vision. Get in touch on our contact page to find out more.

Steinberg Sofware team with with Future Music Magazine at Northstone Studios

Steinberg Cubase filmed a 30min tutorial video showing how their endorse; Jayce Lewis uses it to record and eq, using Cubase 8.

South Wales Metal/Hardcore act When we were woles record album at Northstone

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(23/5/2017) We welcome Welsh Hardcore Metalers - When We Were Wolves to Northstone Studios, recording their brand new album.

Welsh language channel S4C interview Northstone owner Jayce Lewis for Heno.

Our local legend - Enzo Calzaghe popping by to talk boxing, music and display his 'Godfather' impressions

Enzo Calzaghe, Jayce Lewis, Joe Calzaghe,

Enzo Calzaghe father of Undefeted world champion - Joe Calzaghe dropped by, again! to drink our tea, eat our cookies. Jayce Lewis and the Calzaghes are the closest of friends and were once in a BBC Documentary together back in 2009.

Britains Got Talent Star: Steven Andrews our regular soloist here again!

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(23/3/2017) Our regular Mr Steven Andrews here again recording his 5th song/single.. always a pleasure, never a chore!

Acid Reign record their brand new single here at Northstone Studios

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(24/2/2017) a big hello and warm welcome to this awesome bunch - Acid Reign, recording their new single.

Our fav little New Zealender is back! Asti- Loren

Fire Fences, Jayce Lewis, Again & again,

(13/2/2017) Flying all the way from New Zealand to record here at Northsone Studios, is 'Ghost In A Shell' Star, Asti-Loren. Welcome back!

Fear Factory's Burton C Bell recording for 2 weeks at Northstone

Fear Factory, Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell,

Burton C Bell of LA industrial Metalers; Fear Factory is working on his upcoming project 'The Watchers' for the next 2 week at Northstone Studios.

Fear Factory, Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell,

Northstone Studios in todays news 23/10/2016

Welsh Recording Studio, Northstone Studios, Jayce Lewis, Court Colman Manor.

Today, Wales Online cover the background story of Northstone Studios, read how in October 2015 Jayce Lewis grew the idea of building his own recording studio, which is situated within the grounds of The Court Colman Manor Hotel it took Jayce and a builder, 9 months to renovate the acient outbuilding. Jayce now understakes the taks of completing his new solo album in his new studio, read the full story with Wales Online, who visited and filmed Northstone.

Click here to read more:

Northstone's Jayce Lewis, asked to perform 'Riff of the week' for Laney Amps

Ghost in the Shell Star - Asti-Loren recording her album at Northstone Studios

Asti Loren, Ghost in the Shell, New Zeland Pop,

Fresh from the film set of 'Ghost in the shell, we welcome New Zealands; Asti-Loren recording and writing her debut mini album with Jayce at Northstone Studios.

Asti Loren, Ghost in the Shell, New Zeland Pop,

Fear Factory's Burton C Bell showing love for Northstone Studios

Fear Factory, Jayce Lewis, Burton C Bell,

Our dearest friend and Industrial Metal Icon; Burton C Bell showed his love and support this week for the studio, Burton will be hitting Northstone later this year with his latest project,

Hello to Rebecca Hurn, here to record her newest single

Rebecca Hurn, Jayce Lewis,Northstone Studios,

(21/11/2016) Porthcawl's Rebecca Hurn has recorded her brand new single here, following her previous work with Jayce on her debut EP - Lions.

Laney Amplifiers/Ibanez Guitars update studio

Laney Amplifires, Jayce Lewis, Ibanez Guitars,

Northstone Studios official endorsers; Laney and Ibanez delivered the newest GHR 50 and L5 Studio Amps along with this years RG 7 and 6 string guitars, all sounding incredible! A big thank you to Laney and Ibanez.

Northern Metalers - Waearing Scars at Northstone Studios

Andy James, Jayce Lewis, Chris Clancy

Northstone Studios welcomes Wearing Scars, who are recording their full length, upcoming new album

Northstone Studios opens 8/8/2016

Andy James, Jayce Lewis, Chris Clancy

Northstone Studios opens its doors, Northern Rock/Alternative act 'Wearing Scars' hit the studio for 2 weeks recording their upcoming new album